Ickenham Cricket Club

June 14, 2017

Ickenham Cricket Club

A number of constituents contacted me with concerns about HS2 plans to access and use valued playing fields in Ickenham, including the cricket club. I have taken up those concerns directly with HS2 and have received the following response:

These rumours are false and that HS2 has no intention of using this land for storage. Attached are plans that show the extent of the land to be used by HS2 during construction of the railway and once it is operational. During the construction phase, there will effects upon the Public Rights of Way (PRoW) in this location with Footpath U47 closed for a period of approximately 7 years. However, access to the Construction Phase & Proposed Scheme Planfields and cricket club will be maintained. These effects were outlined in the Environmental Statement (ES) in Chapter 2: Overview of the area and description of the proposed scheme and also Chapter 12: Traffic and transport.

The notices attached to the lampposts are what are known as Schedule 2 Notifications. These are issued to landowners for the purposes of obtaining access for surveys. In this instance, these are for ecology surveys which have been ongoing in the wider Ickenham area. The attachment of notices to lampposts is a legal requirement when the landowner is unknown and therefore cannot be contacted directly. While this is standard practice, I do recognise that this has the potential to cause confusion and therefore apologise for any concern that this may have caused.