MOPAC – Accessing Police Services

September 18, 2017

Cressida Dick

The Police are under a lot of pressure right now, not least in London. The pattern of crime is changing and of course, the terrorist risk has escalated. Police numbers across London have in fact remained relatively stable, as has the cash that the Met receives. However they continue to have to find efficiencies, and the Mayor /MOPAC are consulting on a new strategy around police stations, which in the modern world are rarely accessed by the public. Click here for the link. The consultation closes on the 6th October.

In essence, both Hillingdon and Harrow will be left with one police station each and the intention is to identify other, cheaper local “touch points” for neighbourhood policing teams to use as bases. These teams would still be visible and accessible; and their need for fixed bases reduced by more mobile working, including access to tablets. The surplus property would be sold, with no timetable set. In theory, Pinner would be one of the stations sold, although I suspect that will be very complicated by its listed status.

I have spoken to both Borough Commanders, and my position is as follows:-

  1. The current plan is for the main Hillingdon Police station to be in Hayes. Boris and I support the local view that this should be Uxbridge.
  2. I will continue to press for response car capacity to be kept north of the A40.
  3. I will work with local partners to help the police find alternative bases in neighbourhoods: I don’t want them losing patrol time by having to start and end at the main police station.
  4. I will work with Pinner Residents Association; Councillors and the Police to make sure that the future of the Pinner Police Station is handled with great sensitivity, given its important position and history in the Pinner landscape.
  5. I want to know how Hillingdon and harrow will benefit from any raised by the sale of our local police stations.

As always I would be interested in your views about these proposals and the state of policing in general.