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Equal Marriage

January 4, 2013


A number of constituents have asked how I will vote on gay marriage when a free vote is given to us.

Personally, I have no objection to same sex marriage as long as religious freedom is safeguarded. By that I mean that no one should be compelled to conduct a ceremony if that conflicts with their faith.

However, my job is to represent a constituency view and a lot of people feel very strongly on this matter.

The Government has published proposals which try to strike a balance between allowing same sex marriage and not making it compulsory. They can be accessed through this link: http://homeoffice.gov.uk/equalities/lgbt/equal-marriage/

I will now do my job and take soundings across the constituency, talking both to those who care about it a lot and those who don’t give it much thought. This will include asking whether the Government proposals do enough to meet the concerns of those against same sex marriage. I will also be making sure that I get the view of young people in the constituency.

If you have a view please get in touch. Contact details are on website.