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August 2013 Monthly Archives

E-bulletin August 2013

August 31, 2013

Please click below to download Nick’s August 2013 E-bulletin in pdf format:

Nick Hurd MP meets with Northwood residents to discuss the supermarket threat

August 27, 2013

Northwood Development

My primary interest is what is best for Northwood and its residents. I am not against redevelopment if the outcome is clearly better for the community. However, as things stand, what will be proposed is another large supermarket and 167 new homes, accompanied by the loss of 17 businesses and 14 flats. I cannot see why Northwood needs two large supermarkets and the implications for traffic on Green Lane are horrendous. So, at this stage, it looks like the wrong development for Northwood and that is why I support the campaign and have signed the petition.

I believe that our first step is to ensure that the senior decision makers are fully aware of the strength of local feeling. I have been on the case for some months now, and have been in regular contact with Tony Ellis – the chair of the Northwood Residents Association and the Save our Northwood Campaign. So this is what I have done:-

In May:-

• I wrote to Justin King – CEO of Sainsbury’s , Boris Johnson – The Mayor of London and Sir Peter Hendy – Commissioner of TfL to tell them that there is strong opposition to the idea of a large Sainsbury’s in Northwood, and to ask them to halt proceedings in order to have a proper consultation with the community.

• I also wrote to Jean Palmer, the Deputy Chief Executive and Corporate Director of Residents Services at Hillingdon Council, to register the same message and ask for their preliminary views on the proposed development.

In July:-

• I wrote again to The Mayor of London to emphasise the strength of local opposition and to articulate that Northwood needs a vibrant town centre and more affordable accommodation rather than a new supermarket. I also made it clear that there was local outrage at the treatment of the local tenants by TfL in the vicinity and I asked him to personally review that situation. I also made it clear that we would hold his administration to account for upholding that bit of the London plan which is about sustaining the vitality of town centres.

• I wrote again to the CEO of Sainsbury’s to tell him that opposition had increased; there was considerable scepticism about the process of consultation and to register my concern that they had underestimated the scale of the traffic problem that their proposed new supermarket would cause.

• I wrote to James Rodgers at Hillingdon Council to put him on notice that we will be expecting the Council to be rigorous in evaluating how a development of this scale in a Conservation area is compatible with the Hillingdon Plan.

In August:-

• I have written to The Mayor of London again asking that he visit Northwood to accept a petition from the community. I note that the campaign is circulating contact details for key decision makers. The more they hear from the community at this stage the better.

• My next step is to talk to as many of the tenants of TfL as possible. If they are constituents and are being treated unfairly, then they will have my full support.

• I also plan to meet with the new Campaign committee to establish how I can be of most help in the next few months.

A number of people have registered their disappointment that I have not been able to attend either public meetings held on the topic. I apologise for not attending, but on both occasions I had commitments that could not be broken. I have listened to the whole recording of the last meeting and will do my very best to be at the next one.

I am proud to represent a constituency that has a strong tradition of fighting its corner. Many of you will have supported the campaign I led with Community Voice to keep the Cancer Centre at Mount Vernon. On that occasion we mobilised 80,000 people and won the argument. If we continue to be presented with something that is not right for Northwood, then please be assured that you will have my full support in the battle ahead.

Young People

August 27, 2013

Youth Council at Westminster

Some constituents may have picked up on some comments attributed to me last week in the national media. I was accused of attacking job seekers for lacking grit. I did no such thing and would never criticise young people looking for work in these very challenging times. My only interest is in how we can help them develop the broad range of skills that employers are looking for in the modern workplace. My position was supported by most of the big business bodies. If you are interested in what I said rather than what was reported, then please read this blog.