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Hillingdon Member of Youth Parliament Visits Westminster

December 11, 2014

Katie Turner Hillingdon MYP

My name is Katie Turner and I am a Member of Youth Parliament, representing the young people of Hillingdon. In November I was invited to meet with Nick Hurd MP in Portcullis House to discuss the Youth Parliament, Hillingdon Youth Council and the projects that both organisations are working on.  Every year UKYP (UK Youth Parliament) send out ‘Make Your Mark’ ballot papers for young people to have their say on what our main topic to work on for the next year will be. This year we were successful again at doubling the number of responses, collecting over 875,000 ballots.  The top five topics are then debated in the House of Commons in November, which I was fortune enough to attend.

One of these top five topics was Votes for 16, which has consistently been a very popular topic of choice.  Nick was very interested in talking about my views on whether I believe 16 year olds should be allowed to vote and we had a very stimulating discussion around the subject.  With 16 year olds allowed to vote in the Scottish referendum and with such a high turn out, there is proof that young people are interested in politics and want to have their voices heard, but it is vital that young people are taught about politics beforehand.

We also discussed careers advice and how helpful young people find their experiences with different services.

It was great to have the opportunity to share the opinions of the young people I represent.  I look forward to an ever-growing relationship between Nick Hurd and Hillingdon Youth Council.


Katie Turner Hillingdon MYP