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Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee Inquiry into HS2

February 8, 2016

The Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee (PACA) are looking into complaints against HS2, in terms of engagement with the public and their consultation process. In November 2015, the PHSO published its Report of an investigation into a complaint about HS2 Ltd. The investigation looked at HS2 Ltd’s communication and engagement with a particular group of residents, including how it had handled complaints. It found that “overall HS2 Ltd’s actions fell below the reasonable standards we would expect, so much so that they constituted maladministration.” The report made several recommendations about the steps HS2 Ltd should take to put matters right and to improve its service.

I am very aware how angry residents are with HS2 and their handling of the process. Please click here to see my response to the Committee’s inquiry.

If you would lie to submit your own response submissions should be sent online via the inquiry page by Thursday 11 February 2016: