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A Visit from members of the UK Youth Parliament

July 27, 2016


On Wednesday 20th April, I was visited by an inspiring group of young people from the UK Youth Parliament.

Youth Councillors Hans Aukhaj, Hind Jain, Riya Songra, Anurag Mathur and Kameal Ahmed, who represent Hillingdon’s young people, joined me at Westminster to discuss UKYP’s latest nationwide campaign ‘Don’t Hate, Educate’. This campaign was chosen by Youth Parliament members in order to combat racism and religious discrimination within our local communities.

The Councillors engaged me in a lively discussion; we discussed several important issues, including hate crimes sparked by racial and religious differences, underage refugees, and more informal racism within schools. We debated over what both Members of Parliament, and the Youth Parliament, could do to tackle these important issues. It was interesting to hear their various opinions on whether legislation is enough to protect people from more informal forms of discrimination.

The Councillors also touched on another of the Youth Parliament’s campaigns, ‘Curriculum for Life’ and I was very interested to hear their thoughts about how breaking down racial barriers could be incorporated into schools’ core curriculums. This certainly sounds like a positive idea!

It was great to have the opportunity to hear the opinions of the young people of Hillingdon on some very important issues, and I look forward to developing a positive working relationship with Hillingdon Youth Council, and the UK Youth Parliament..