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Visit to Heath Robinson Museum in Pinner

November 15, 2016

Heath Robinson

On Friday 28th October, I visited the new Heath Robinson Museum in Pinner Memorial Park.

As the first purpose-built museum to open in Greater London for over forty years, the museum is dedicated to displaying the work of the famous artist, illustrator, and Pinner resident, William Heath Robinson.

The Museum opened on 15th October, and replaces a smaller gallery of Heath Robinson’s work which was located in West House, also in Pinner Memorial Park. I find it extraordinary how the Museum has managed to bring together such a fantastic collection of Heath Robinson’s work in one place.

I welcome the decision to keep the new museum within Pinner Memorial Park, as I cannot think of a nicer site, and the new building blends in so well.

As a patron of the museum, I am particularly impressed by the architectural flair of the new building. The ambitious architectural designs have been beautifully executed. It is an asset not just for Pinner but also for the country. I am full of admiration.

Many thanks to Cynthia Wells, the acting Chair of the West House and Heath Robinson Museum Trust, and Veronica Chamberlain the Marketing Manager for showing me around. I look forward to visiting again soon.

Heath Robinson Photo 2