Friends for Friends

Friends for Friends


Our aim is to support and improve the quality of life of people with a learning disability by enabling them to enter fully into the life of the community through friendship. The charity is run by volunteers supported by Adrian our part-time Project Manager so our need for volunteers to help with the activities listed below  is great:-


  1. Volunteers


  • One to One or group friendship with a person with a learning disability
    • monthly One to One Club held in the Hall of St John Fisher Church, N.Harrow on the first Friday of each month. (December second Friday) at 7 pm
    • a bi-monthly  evening Art Class at our office in Pinner
    • fundraising and main committee


  1. Fundraising


Apart from core funding we are fundraising to enable us to employ a volunteer coordinator to support our present volunteers and help to recruit new people.


  1. Donations apart from money


We have been extremely fortunate to receive donated furniture and equipment to cover our present requirements but we would very much appreciate donations of materials for the Art Class.


For more information, please visit our website

Thank you!