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Friends of Bedford House


Name: Friends of Bedford House

Based: Harrow


Friends of Bedford House befriend the residents and support the staff at Bedford House.

Eleven adults, each having both mental and physical handicaps live in a local authority home where all the “fed, warm, clothed, clean and secure” boxes are ticked.  Staff treat the residents with respect and kindness and the general atmosphere at Bedford House is peaceful and happy. But the blessings of 1-to-1 time, transport to leisure activities, beautifying the garden, buying special equipment etc are extras the Friends try to supply.

The Friends do occasional fund-raising for special projects. Local charitable trusts donate annually to help fund the regular outgoings such as birthday gifts, summer canal cruises, plants and garden sundries and panto tickets.

Opporunities for friendships


Friends of Bedford House are seeking active members. The friendship enjoyed by Bedford House residents is very simple.  Chatting, listening, joining in with their music, sharing a walk, driving out and about in the community, gardening, sharing in outings and in-house activities and celebrations. Why not get a feel for the opportunities for friendship and visit the website ‘Taster’ visits can be arranged through the website’s contact form.

Coming soon

Twice-weekly day-care activities. The leaders would love extra help with handicrafts, simple cookery and other stimulating pursuits.

January 2015

A new Chair person needs to be found for the committee.
Escorts to the Arrow Players panto.
Bedford House residents would love to have a normal family life.  It’s so easy to help it happen.

Friends are:

  • un
  • ewarding
  • nspiring
  • ntertaining
  • eeded
  • ependable
  • atisfying

We look forward to meeting you!