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Harrow Carers


Harrow Carers is an independent voluntary organisation and the lead carers support agency in Harrow since 1996. We have developed a network of services and support for carers to reduce the burden of care and increase life chances. Our services are offered to anyone who provides support for people in the community who are ill, frail, disabled and disadvantaged in many ways.

A carer is anyone who receives no pay for supporting another person or persons in the community.

Our Vision

Our vision is for all carers to have the choice, independence and wellbeing that they are entitled to whilst staying safe, being healthy, enjoying and achieving and positively contributing to the community

Our Mission Statement

Our overall aim is to improve carers well being including carers access to financial benefits, social welfare and housing, counselling, respite breaks and leisure opportunities.

We also support young carers caring for parents or other family members by making sure that they are not providing inappropriate levels of care, and that they have the support they need to learn, to develop and to thrive.

Contact Harrow Carers

Tel: 020 8868 5224


We need volunteers for

  • Reception, phone and admin work,
  • befriending/visiting carers,
  • organising and facilitating events,
  • IT work such as maintaining social media and web site, improving our database,
  • volunteer/s to do practical tasks in the centre such as handyman work (minor electrical, basic plumbing, putting up shelves, etc.), painting where patches need touching up, all sorts of odd jobs
  • Visiting GP’s and pharmacies to identify carers and distribute leaflets/posters etc. 

We desperately need funding for a full time volunteer coordinator to support and grow our volunteer workforce. Also, funding for a full time post to support young carers  (the council have stopped funding work for any young carers we identify),

We would also really appreciate a new phone system, stationery, housekeeping items like toilet rolls, hand towels, cleaning materials, specific furniture e.g. computer desks, some office/swivel chairs, glass display cabinets (lockable).