Hestia works providing services and support to many socially excluded people across London, including people living within your constituency. Donations of money, or other gifts, or the support of volunteers can make a real difference to the live of the children and adults in our services.


We have spoken to our local scheme managers – and they said that the following could be of use:


1)      Volunteers who could help with the children and families services during the Summer Holiday period.

2)      Volunteers for our Saturday peer support group.

3)      We try and do a lot of fundraising locally so we can continue to offer our support group – larger, more frequent donations would certainly help with making that service more sustainable.

4)      We are always in need of soft furnishings to help improve the environment of our refuges so they feel more like a home – funding or donations of suitable furniture/furnishings would really help with this.


For more information, please see our website http://www.hestia.org/ – and for an enquiries/donations please contact fundraising@hestia.org or our main switchboard on 020 7378 3100.