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Crime Prevention

  • 22 Oct 2019

I have met with the police to discuss what measures my constituents can take, in conjunction with the police, to prevent crime in Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner.  It is important that we remain vigilant as a community; to avoid being perceived as a soft target and to reduce opportunities for opportunistic would-be burglars.  As the police continue to investigate crimes and prosecute offenders, they have encouraged local residents to prevent burglaries over the winter months by following these helpful tips:

  • Try not to keep gold at home if at all possible.  Be aware that thieves will always search the bedroom, behind bath panels, loft, floorboards etc.
  • Use a registered pawnbroker that offer storage service or a safety deposit box (see the NPA website:
  • Use a traceable liquid like SmartWater (contact your local ward officers. You can do this on the Met website:
  • Photograph all jewellery on a white or plain surface - so we can appeal if it is stolen or appeal for its recovery and use for enquiries. Store the photographs in more than one place.
  • Use only reputable trades in your home – don’t be tempted by cheap labour.
  • Community Vigilance - Report suspicious activity, however insignificant it may seem. Does it look out of the ordinary?
  • CCTV / Camera Doorbells.
  • Intruder Alarms.
  • Do not answer the door to any people unknown/unexpected.
  • Do not keep any keys by the front door, including car keys.
  • If you have been a victim, give the 999 operator your location and any suspect vehicle index plate immediately.
  • Be aware that Religious Symbols can be attractive to jewellery thieves.
  • Utilise community Social Media Groups / Neighbourhood Watch schemes to share information.
  • All windows & doors closed and locked when your premises is empty, regardless of the weather. Be mindful of open windows/doors while you are in another part of your property.
  • Clear foliage / over-growth from around the premises perimeter.
  • Put lighting on Timer switches in the darker months.
  • Ensure you have adequate Insurance Cover for your home and possessions.