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Government drop the Heathrow Spur for Phases 1 and 2 of HS2

  • 18 Mar 2015
  • Hs2

At the beginning of March, the Government effectively dropped the idea of a spur linking HS2 to Heathrow.  For some time, John Randall; Dominic Grieve and I have been working together to kill the idea of a Heathrow Spur. Our argument was simple. If HS2 goes ahead, the best way of connecting passengers to Heathrow is through Old Oak Common. The Spur was not needed and was causing unfair blight. I am delighted that Ministers have listened and effectively the Spur is dead.  Blight is removed and our strong  case for a tunnel extension to protect Ickenham; Harefield and the beautiful Colne Valley from HS2 is stronger.


TimeLine of Campaign:

July 2013 – My response to HS2 Draft Environment Statement July 2013 – “Residents are also concerned by the plans for the Heathrow to Euston Spur. The service specification on which the business case is based shows no usage of this spur. (The service specification shows 4 trains per hour (combined directions) on the Heathrow-North spur). As this London facing ‘spur’ has been cited as a reason for not extending the tunnel beyond Ickenham this is a very critical issue for Ickenham.”

Feb 2014 -  Joint letter with Nick Hurd , John McDonnell, Rt. Hon Dominic Grieve  and Sir John Randall to Sir David Higgins, Chairman of HS2 requesting HS2 urgently reviews the value for money case for the Heathrow Spur. The letter stated there was no business case had been made for the Heathrow spur and that connectivity to Heathrow from Old Oak Common could be fit for purpose.

April  2014 – Letter to Sir David Higgins on Heathrow Spur to say the MPs intend to pursue the matter with the Department for Transport and to request some more detail on the estimated cost of the Spur.

June 2014 – Nick Hurd, John Randall and Dominic Grieve joint letter to the Rt. Hon Patrick Mcloughlin MP, Secretary of State for Transport asking the Government to review the Heathrow spur option and that no business case had been made.

July 2014 – Reply from Patrick McLoughlin to state the Spur option was a historic option from HS2 and confirming no business case had been made.

July 2014 – Nick Hurd, John Randall and Dominic Grieve further joint letter to Patrick McLoughlin MP requesting a meeting and arguing that the desired integration of HS2 with Heathrow can be achieved in a more cost effective way.

October 2014  – Nick Hurd, John Randall. And Dominic Grieve joint meeting with Patrick Mcloughlin, Secretary of State for Transport

March 2015 – Government confirm Heathrow spur has been dropped.