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HS2 Petitioning Process

  • 29 Apr 2014
  • Hs2

HS2 Petitioning Process

With the Second Reading of the HS2 Hybrid Bill having passed in Parliament on the 28th April many constituents were interested in lodging petitions.  The petitioning process began on 29 April and ended on 16 May for local authorities and businesses and 23 May for everyone else.

The bill now moves to the Select Committee Stage. The hybrid bill select committees are made up of about 7-10 MPs whose constituencies are not affected by the bill’s proposals.

What is the point of making a petition?

Having passed Second Reading, the House of Commons is taken to have agreed the principle of the Bill.  Petitions, however, can enable those affected to strive for mitigation and oppose certain aspects of the Bill. Once a petition has been submitted and accepted, HS2 may try to resolve the concern without the need for the petition to be heard by the Committee as it is clearly in their interest to reduce the number of petitions.

Nearly 2000 petitions were submitted with many from Harefield and Ickenham handed in too.  I handed in nearly 40 petitions to Westminster on behalf of local residents and submitted my own petition as the local MP, outlining the key campaigns for:

  1. Better compensation
  2. Extension of the proposed tunnel, ideally to the other side of the Colne Valley
  3. Dropping of the option to build a spur down to Heathrow
  4. Preservation of HOAC

Please click here to see a copy of my petition submitted.

What are the next steps?

The Committee started its evidence-taking meetings in July, More information on the next stage of the process and all petitions can be found on the parliament website here.